Hmong Hemp Skirt Red

Hmong Hemp Skirt Red

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Introducing our handcrafted Hmong hemp skirt, a true embodiment of traditional artistry and cultural heritage. Meticulously created by skilled artisans in Thailand, this skirt showcases the rich craftsmanship and intricate techniques of the Hmong people.

The natural, earthy tones of the hemp fabric add a touch of rustic charm, while the rugged stitching and vibrant colours bring the skirt to life.

Each stitch tells a story, reflecting the Hmong community's traditions and beliefs. The intricate patterns depict elements from nature, mythical creatures, and symbolic motifs, representing prosperity, protection, and cultural identity.

Wearing this handcrafted masterpiece allows you to embrace the beauty of Hmong heritage while supporting sustainable fashion and preserving traditional craftsmanship. Own a piece of cultural artistry and make a statement that transcends borders and time.

We traveled to South East Asia to create a small run of these shirts. There are only three available in each colour variant making them extremely rare and unique. The Hmong material was sourced from the Hmong markets in Thailand and hand sewn in Chiang Mai city. This is a modest longer skirt which features a stretchy waist for comfort and a versatile fit.

Fabric composition: 80% Hemp 20% Organic Cotton

Dimensions: 43cm length - 66cm Waist Unstretched - 80cm Stetched

Would suit a size 8 - 10


Hemp Future

All sales from all products will go back into developing new cutting edge hemp products. Hemp is an environmentally friendly alternative that is more durable and longer lasting than traditional clothes.

Lantana Removal

For every garment sold we will remove a cubic metre of this noxious weed from the bush if you request it. You can be sent a custom video with a thank you and proof of removal.