On this planet we have two options. We can either continue on our current trajectory mindlessly consuming resources and exploiting the earth in order to feel a sense of comfort. In the long run we are destroying ourselves. This is the void realm, day in and day out doing nothing to heal the earth just going from place to place without a purpose.

This all could be so much more. Imagine a planet where we all wake up and start to make a positive change. This is the dream reality. Local communities are developed which grow their own food and fibres, we harvest energy from the sun alone. We plant trees and remove weeds and help the natural ecosystem flourish. New species evolve rather than becoming extinct. We develop a symbiotic relationship with nature.

There are currently no hemp processing plants or infrastructure in Australia. We want to start at a small scale and work towards this dream of locally grown and produced garments. The dark trip has led us this far, only opening our minds beyond it can lead us further.